Impecunious – having little or no money; penniless; poor.

I.e, most students tend to exist in a state of impecuniousness.

I love words, and I love stumbling upon ones such as this. It is such a large, important word, for such a simple concept. A way for one to speak of a person’s wealth without being rude and stating the case so bluntly as to say ‘penniless’…

I shouldn’t mock, I know. It does not help, however, that I heard the word in the movie ‘Becoming Jane’ where it was uttered by the noble Lady Gresham. Such a word sits perfectly within her vocabulary.Yet, how she uses it when trying to describe Jane’s father and how beneath her nephew Jane is, only shows further her ridiculousness.  

I do love that movie. I’m not sure how accurate it is, and I know I should make time to find out more about Jane’s life. But whether it is truthful or not, it is well done in my opinion. It holds just enough of her books and characters in it, entwined in the dialogue and the persons themselves, to bring them together. And James McAvoy is a favourite of mine. He brings a liveliness, an edge of danger, to her life and the movie that I do not think anyone else could do quite as much justice to. He definitely manages to get an expression on his face that I could well imagine both intriguing Jane, and stroking her temper just perfectly.

But I procrastinate; I have assignments to do. Re-watching movies, and starting a new blog, may be enjoyable ways to pass time, but they won’t be taking any of the pressure off for my University work.


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