I wonder how long I will wonder

A short piece I wrote a long time ago now.. It is nothing more than a fragment of a memory, but I’m glad I wrote it down.

‘I still remember the way we would lie down together, relaxing into each other till our edges blurred and hot skin became softer than any pillow. I still remember how you’d sling your leg across mine, and our fingers would weave together. I still remember the feel of your skin, the scars that you bear, the callous’s of your hands. Your skin was always the shadow of mine, dark where I was pale.

And I still remember the way that you’d wish me sweet dreams, rousing me as I came close to slipping into them, when I’d thought you were already there.

I wonder how long till you are another cold memory, with no spark to wake me when I try to remember. I wonder when those golden nights of lying in your arms, or tracing your face with my fingertips under warm lamp light will mean nothing to me anymore.

I wonder how long I will wonder.’


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