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Chasing Moonlight


Driving up to an intersection as we are, I tense at his exclamation, searching for the accident about to happen.

It is only when I can see nothing, and I look further afield in confusion, that I understand.

Cradled in the deep blue of a sky still relaxing into night’s embrace, is the moon. Except it’s a moon that we rarely get to see. Massive, and golden. Smug, and content.

“Woah.” Repeating him is the only thing I can think to do.

For a moment, everything is still. The car, our attention, the land. And then headlights remind us where we are, and the car and time begin to move again.

The moon slips behind shrubs lining the road, but I still cannot look away.

Caught in its gaze, we are in a sudden rush. Music is needed and briefly I see a glimpse of his home, thick with greenery in which I can see a dark tail wagging. I grin at the way he cannot help but stop and scratch at his dog’s head, despite the urgency we are feeling.

Then we are back on the road, with no clue as to where we are going. And neither of us care at all, only knowing that the darkness of the open country side is calling.

“I’ll get that moon for you,” he says, glancing sideways at me.

I laugh, joy bubbling through my veins, as golden and precious as the moonlight drawing us away into the night. I almost half-believe his words, as impossible as they are. There is something about him.

But instead of saying anything I reach up to where the sun-roof gapes open, dipping my hands into the cold air that rushes by. Doing so diverts streams of air, sending threads of wind biting into the warmth that the heater is so furiously trying to maintain.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him let go of the steering wheel, knees holding it steady, and his hands join mine. Our fingers weave together. Already numb, I can only feel vestiges of the heat that his skin usually contains.

Nothing can numb this moment though. This isolated pocket of perfect happiness and light, travelling along abandoned roads, cocooned in music.

Chasing moonlight.

The road disappears so easily beneath us, taking all else with it. And though I know I should hold onto reality, I let it go, not even looking back to see it twist and fall to the tarmac.

Right now is a moment I cannot let slip away. I would regret it too much.

Right now, I want nothing else but to be here. Driving nowhere and everywhere with this man, and the moon always just out of reach.

But knowing that he will make it mine.